General private practice allows Dr. Van Doren the flexibility to serve people with sincere caring and with a variety of services. For example, counseling that teaches stress management enhances one's quality of life. Individuals without distress can explore goals within a confidential professional relationship. Therapy is available for people with mental illness and personality disorders.  Upon a court, attorney or agency referral, Dr. Van Doren provides diagnostic and forensic psychological evaluations. She respectfully listens to the client's concerns and answers questions in understandable terms.
You know you. Dr. Van Doren understands thinking, feeling and behaving. Combining the client's and psychologist's knowledge creates a winning collaboration for the client. While  sharing  problems with close friends is important, working with a psychologist increases the client's skills to maintain optimal emotional health. 
Dr. Van Doren tailors the number of sessions to the client's preference and needs.
Annoyed by stress? 
Want a fuller life?
Need a psychological evaluation?